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  1. Shore Physician Group's Dr. Peter Jungblut Offers Tips for Coping with the Heat

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    (Somers Point, NJ– June 21, 2012) – With the mercury soaring into the upper 90s, summer is certainly roaring to life. With high heat and humidity come increased health risks, says Shore Physicians Group’s Peter Jungblut, MD, who practices in SPG’s office at425 Bethel Roadin Somers Point.

    Those susceptible to heat-related illness include people who are obese, dehydrated, in poor physical condition or, conversely, those who vigorously exercise in the high temperatures and humidity.

    “In high temperatures, people should be aware of a fast heart rate, feeling weak or excessively, profuse sweating, lightheadedness or coordination problems, headache or persistent muscle cramps,” Dr. Jungblut says. “The best advice is to seek shelter in a cool location, replace fluids and avoid over-exertion.”

    Here are three other things Dr. Jungblut says to keep in mind:

    1. Two common causes of fainting in the heat are prolonged standing in the heat with little movement and sudden standing after prolonged sitting.

    2. Drugs that impair sweating, cause vasoconstriction, increase heat production, cause disturbances in water and electrolyte imbalance, or impair a person’s ability to perceive fatigue and exhaustion can increase the risk for heat exhaustion.

    3. Factors that might predispose a person to heat intolerance include: sweat with high salt concentration (so-called “salty sweaters”), heavy sweating, dehydration, insufficient sodium chloride intake during activity, lack of heat acclimatization, baseline or pre-activity fatigue, and a history of heat cramps.

    If you feel fatigued in the high heat, Dr. Jungblut suggests finding a cool environment to rest and replenish fluids. Don’t try to do too much, and eat a salty snack to replace sodium chloride.

    “While it’s not always possible to stay indoors during the dog days of summer, it is best to limit your outdoor activities to the earlier and later parts of the day, when sunshine and humidity should be less of a factor,” Dr. Jungblut says. “For those who feel compelled to continue an outdoor exercise regimen or activity, use this time to ease up on your workout, be sure to have ready access to water, bring along a salty snack, and avoid pushing yourself as hard as you might on a cooler day.

    “Better yet, consider staying indoors and giving your body a chance to recover from your last workout.”

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