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  1. Shore Physicians Group Internist Dr. Ulices Perez Visits WPG-AM 1450 to Discuss Best Ways

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    Shore Physicians Group internist Dr. Ulices Perez (R) joined Anne Baker(L) of WPG-AM 1450 in Northfield, NJ, to discuss diabetes.

    As a physician dedicated to treating people well, internist Dr. Ulices Perez is passionate about keeping his patients healthy and strong throughout their lives. On Saturday, November 23, Dr. Perez joined Anne Baker of WPG-AM 1450 in Northfield, NJ, to discuss the perils of diabetes. November was American Diabetes Month, and the disease runs rampant throughout the U.S. More than 8 percent of the population – 25.8 million children and adults – have diabetes, which means the body can not properly regulate how much sugar is in your blood. Another 79 million are estimated to have prediabetes, blood glucose levels that are higher than normal but don’t meet the standard for diabetes – yet.

    In a wide ranging, hour-long conversation with Baker, host of the Saturday morning program “Talking With Anne,” Dr. Perez talked about the many ways in which diabetes can affect patients young and old. As a result of childhood obesity, obese or overweight children should be screened for diabetes and high cholesterol beginning at age 10.

    Dr. Perez spent a lot of time discussing the importance of maintaining a proper diet. Diabetic patients, for instance, should not skip meals, eating three meals a day with two or three snacks throughout the day.

    The key, he said, is to make sure you don’t confuse quantity with quality. Smaller portions consisting of more healthful food choices can improve your health immeasurably. He also advocated drinking plenty of water instead of the juices and sodas that can unnecessarily increase your sugar intake.

    With the holiday season here, a key point he made was to watch your diet and not overdo it with sugary snacks and products packed with refined flour.

    “Our body was not created to eat sugar. We need complex carbohydrates. They should be our first choice as a source of energy,” Dr. Perez said. “You can treat yourself with whatever dessert you’d like, but you shouldn’t make it a habit. I have patients who tell me they have a bowl of ice cream every night before bed. … No, that is not good. We are not made for that.”

    With so many people, including children, presenting with diabetes symptoms, it is critical to diagnose the condition quickly to begin treatment as early as possible. Parents must also set the tone. Avoid fast food and processed snacks, which Dr. Perez said hold no real nutritional value. Instead, pile your plate high with fruits, vegetables and other complex carbohydrates that are more beneficial to your body.

    “You need to lead by example,” Dr. Perez told listeners. “Any child can be taught to eat their vegetables, but you need to be eating your vegetables, too.”

    Dr. Perez is an internal medicine specialist who comes to Shore Physicians Group from Dodge City Medical Center in Dodge City, KS. He practices at 3320 Simpson Ave. in Ocean City, NJ, and in early 2014 will open a brand new location at 4 Roosevelt Blvd. in Marmora, NJ. To make an appointment with Dr. Perez, call 609-814-9550.