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  1. Shore Physicians Group's Dr. Steven Bowers Puts Focus on Making Guys Healthier During Men's Health Month

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    (Somers Point, NJ — June 14, 2012) — Men don’t take care of themselves. It’s true – men die at higher rates than women from the top 10 causes of death. On average, women are outlasting men by six years. In 1920, women lived, on average, just one year longer than men.

    Enter Men’s Health Month, held in June to educate and raise awareness about men’s health. Part of Men’s Health Month is Men’s Health Week, held the week leading into Father’s Day and a time to emphasize not only the importance of men taking care of themselves, but of teaching the next generation to be proactive about their health.

    The problem is men generally aren’t proactive about their health. At Shore Physicians Group, Steven Bowers, D.O., treats more women than men by about a three to one margin. Changing that, Dr. Bowers says, requires an attitude adjustment for the male population.

    “A lot of men have the attitude they will go to the doctor when something is wrong,” Dr. Bowers says. “And by that point it is too late.”

    A trip to the doctor need not by feared. In fact, routine checkups can go a long way to keeping health problems in check. Dr. Bowers says any well visit should include a blood pressure screening, checking height and weight to calculate body mass index (BMI), a physical exam and a review of age-appropriate vaccines, labs and screening tests. If men have any chronic conditions, such as hypertension, high cholesterol or diabetes, then visits to the doctor should be more frequent.

    “The majority of illnesses that men suffer from could be controlled or eliminated by following a healthy lifestyle,” Dr. Bowers says.

    Here are a few other tips from Dr. Bowers that men should keep in mind in order to live healthier lives:

    • At a minimum, men should begin having their cholesterol checked at the age of 35. If they are overweight or have a family history of heart disease, cholesterol screening should begin earlier.
    • Screening for colon cancer begins at the age of 50, possibly earlier if there is a family history of colon cancer or symptoms.
    • Routine PSA (prostate specific antigen) testing is no longer recommended. This should be discussed with your doctor as there are risks/benefits that need to be thoroughly reviewed with the patient. If there is a strong family history and/or urinary symptoms (increased frequency, urgency, urinating at nighttime), then PSA test may still be ordered. There is currently much debate on this topic and definitely requires a discussion with your physician.

    Of course, the No. 1 measure any man can take for better health starts with a healthy diet and exercise. All men need to take a good look at their diets and make sure they are incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Then they should budget a minimum weekly allowance of 150 minutes of vigorous exercise – 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

    And they’re not just doing it for themselves. Eating right, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight filters down to sons who look to their fathers for guidance.

    “If a son sees his father taking care of himself, eating healthy, exercising, going to the doctor for well visits, he will hopefully do the same.”

    About Shore Physicians Group

    Shore Physicians Group is a multi-specialty medical group created with one goal in mind – “Treating People Well.” Shore Physicians Group is comprised of the area’s most highly skilled, caring and passionate physicians, nurses and clinicians, who provide quality care and the best medical outcomes in the fields of family medicine, internal medicine, general, laparoscopic, plastic and reconstructive surgery and pulmonary medicine. While Shore Physicians Group’s facilities feature the most advanced medical technology, the foundation of the exceptional care offered is humanistic and people centered. 


  2. Shore Physicians Group Promotes Better Sleep For A Higher Quality of Life

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    (Somers Point, NJ — March 9, 2012) — National Sleep Awareness Week (March 5 to 11) gives everyone a chance to catch up on information pertaining to their zzzs. Shore Physicians Group’s Steven Bowers, DO, says it’s not uncommon for patients to complain about issues with sleep and insomnia.
    And chalking sleep issues up to a few late nights or early morning wake-ups is not wise. Sleep issues can be due to an underlying medical condition such as obstructive sleep apnea, which can cause hypertension and cardiovascular disease, so Bowers says it’s important be evaluated.
    Everyone is different, but on average people should get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. As for how to tell if you’re suffering from poor sleep, symptoms include:

    • Drowsiness
    • Fatigue
    • Poor concentration
    • Disturbed coordination
    • Weight gain
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Reduced quality of life

    If you’re concerned about lack of sleep, try keeping a sleep journal, and don’t hesitate to consult with your physician. Getting proper rest will set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.